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Last lap... just one more week and then TIME OFF, away from London...

Took car in for MOT and service on Friday. Cost a fair chunk, but not as much as the insurance at around the same time :| If I got a 6 month tax disc I could have all three fall in the same month... Still, I have an intact wing mirror again now. And it seems to be running more smoothly, although it's hard to be sure if that's really different or just-- well, not psychosomatic, but you know what I mean.

Played Darwinia over the weekend-- it's a bit of a short single-player game, but good fun. Except maybe the last level, which is a bit too happy with the "monsters randomly spawning around you" tactic. I read a walkthrough someone else posted and noticed that I did things quite differently to them-- so maybe at some point I'll try going through it again with different tactics and experiment a bit.

I'm convinced it's been written by people about the same age as me... the retro feel is just right for the warm fuzzy teenage gaming years. And the intro screen that is like an Amiga demo (right down to scrolling text saying "Darwinia final version... cracked by DMA Design...") cracked me up completely.

Heading off to Bath on Friday night (that won't be congested at all) and then driving north on Saturday. Need to remember to buy petrol before then.
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