Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

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calling & recovery

Went to the Calling last night after a spur-of-the-moment decision that morning. Unfortunately, my nose and throat were all icky, but I decided they weren't bad enough to stop me going...

Anyway, it was a top night. Randomly, kitty_goth got the same train up there as I did but I didn't know until we got off :| Danced to lots of stuff; in particular Millennium (Killing Joke) and Plasticity, and as a result I am now feeling very sore. Talked to a few new people- even managed to connect up with someone from IRC!

Sadly, my nose/throat badness caught up with me overnight, resulting in me lying in a sleeping bag unable to breathe through nose at all until about 5am :( And now is just nasty and runny and I keep sniffing. Blech.

Overall, it was great fun, and I might well head up to Puzzlebox on the 13th to give, uh, "moral support".
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