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Did 9 miles to Paddington yesterday. Only realised as I was on the way there that there were no direct trains back on Sundays. Oops. This time I took some water and cash with me. I averaged 9:43 per mile! That's much faster than I expected... I was expecting to average around 11 minutes again, I was trying to keep the pace down. Hmm-hmm. Some day soon I should be able to run (I use the word "run" advisedly) to work, which I think will be almost exactly a half-marathon. I won't be running back in the evening.

That calculation does explain why I feel so dog tired today, and I decided to get the Tube in rather than ride. For added fun, Ealing are resurfacing Whitton Avenue West this week, so we evac'd the car to alternative streets so that we could get out. Is it half-term at the moment? If it isn't, I don't want to think about what the school rush will be like... we live on a 100-yard cul-de-sac that terminates at a primary school :|

EDIT: belay that, I was calculating the distance from home, not from where I started timing... I've updated the link, and it works out to 10:22 per mile, which is about what I expected.
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