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Dancing with Mr. D. Hydration

Since I had a moment of madness on Friday and went to the gym, my arms have been really tired all weekend, because of course I don't do anything specific to them normally. So Saturday ended up being spent lazing around (largely), and still being too tired to head out in the evening. Instead we had roast beef, wine, sherry and Tia Maria and slept through the entirety of Sunday morning, less the bit where the squirrels (litter of two this time, we think) woke us up again.

On Sunday, I decided I really needed to get some exercise, despite my arms still being tired, so I reran the route down to Boston Manor. I did this in about 1:32 this time, which is good but I wasn't really intending to do it faster: it's supposed to be a long, slow run. Hmmm. In fact there were several issues:

  • Going too fast, maybe
  • Hotter than I thought
  • Fairly humid as it had just been raining
  • Didn't take any water with me (doh)
  • Didn't take any change to buy water at the end either (STOOPID)

By the time I got home (and getting back from Boston Manor to home takes 30 minutes or so, I think), I was feeling a bit... off... drank 3 pints of water and a boittle of sports drink and lay in bed for an hour. LOGISTICAL ERROR. Sue has a waistpack thing that can hold a water bottle, I will have to try going running with that. Or at least take some emergency cash to buy water: although it's hardly replete with shops, except for the Tesco halfway. (Which wouldn't have been open at that time anyway). One of these might work well: or might not. And how am I supposed to try one without buying it first? Hmph.

After recovering from that (well, mostly: still had goosebumps a bit) cooked what was probably the most gloriously sumptously disgustingly unhealthy meal we've had in a long time (pork steaks! fried in garlic butter! with steamed carrots and sweet potatoes), committed acts of senseless violence in Unreal Tournament for a bit and then finally crashed.

Unsuprisingly, my legs were really complaining this morning. However, I must have done something right at some point, because I managed to knock 5 minutes off my previous best time to commute into work. Hmmm. So now my best pace is up to 15.8mph. At least some of this is due to me getting a better idea of what kind of pace I can maintain for a while. I can hammer it down the towpath at over 20mph, but then usually conk out trekking across to Bayswater. But if I aim to be around 19mph whenever possible, it evens out better. Or maybe I really am getting fitter. Either explanation satisfies with the amount of evidence on show :}

Didn't break any records on the way back, but didn't do too badly either. Certainly doing better than the ~12mph dibbly-dobblers I was filing a few weeks ago. When I'm coming home, I take a different route, which involves more climbing, so it's good variety. Although the Shepherd's Bush Green gauntlet can be a bit hair-raising.

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