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tools that are toys

OK, I'm a geek in more ways than one, I admit it.

I'm still getting stuff for the bike (which I got a letter confirming the order of on Saturday), so I walked to Halfords somewhere in Hendon (*puff* *pant* "dammit, it's on a bus route that goes past my house!" etc.) and got lights, lock, tools etc.

My new lock is a Big Scary Bastard Lock. Hopefully it will be effective. It's certainly big and heavy :)

But for tools... oh my god... I saw a multifunction tool called "The Alien". Try looking here. It's mental. Allen keys, wrenches, knife, chain tool ffs, knife and wrenches lockable... it's basically two sub-critical tool masses that attach together in one package. I'm besotted. Silly, isn't it? :)

Oh, and flashy light goodness of course. Although I'll be good and not use flashing LEDs on-road.

Just need the darned bike to arrive now!

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