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Wow, am I tired.. yesterday went out on the bike "into town": down the Grand Union, through Trafalgar Sq and the City to Liverpool Street, up to KX, up York Way and down Caledonian Road, onto the Regent's Canal, and then along that back to Maida Vale and back up the GUC home. Good fun: mostly on roads, since I set off too late to want to spend time changing tyres (and haven't made plans for an off-road escape yet), interesting to be cycling through the centre of London where I'm used to seeing on foot, or from a bus, or once or twice while driving. That turned out to be 36.5 miles (58.7Km), a bit short of what I was hoping to do, but still knackering.

Today I went for a longer run: down the canal towards Bull's Bridge for half an hour, do some stretching, then turn round and come back up. Should be interesting to see if I can gradually increase the pace to make it to Tesco :) I figure I did about 3.25 miles each way, sounds about right (on pace for a 28:40 5K). My legs are demanding voting rights on this exercise schedule. Actually, looking at it on map24, it's an extra 2.5Km to Tesco, no chance of doing that in 30 minutes any time soon for me. Should be able to do the distance, though.
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