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Went for a training run in Hyde Park last night. Needless to say, I was knackered after that. My knee twinged when setting off at first, but after that it faded away and is fine today, which essentially confirms that I haven't done any real damage this time, just needed to let it rest and recover. It was good to be back at Hyde Park: I was running there while living in Reading, so it provides some semblance of continuity. I seem to have got the wrong end of the stick about what the chip's for: the training runs aren't timed, the chip just provides a registration shortcut (if you don't have one, you have to fill in a form and presumably personal injury disclaimer). So I do have to find my watch/get a new battery for my HRM/get a new watch/get a new HRM.

Ah: I just re-read some of the bumpf: training runs will be timed every second week, so presumably this is an off week.

Cycled in to work this morning. I had looked up the route using TfL's journey planner, which gives a reasonably nice PDF containing an overview of the route with street map tiles showing detail. I noticed that it differed from my normal route: it doesn't get off at Meanwhile Gardens, it goes on a bit and then loops under the A40. I thought I'd try it, but sadly forgot to actually print out the map and take it along. Error! I took a wrong turn and ended up in Flyover Hell, hoping I wasn't going to end up on a Westway slip road. (It's an 'A' road, but I'm not sure that bikes are allowed on the elevated bits anyway. I sure as hell don't want to try it.) You would think I'd know by now: don't try a new route based on a vague recollection of the map. Take the map. Just take the damn map, will you? Having said that, after reviewing the route, I think it contains a banned right turn at one point and goes the wrong way down a one way street at another. Maybe not so hot. It's advice for taking your bike on public transport is certainly bogus: doesn't seem to realise that bikes aren't allowed on the Victoria Line at all.

My exercise plan for the next six weeks or so consists of:

MondayCycle-commute (~2*20Km)
TuesdayHyde Park run (~5Km)
WednesdayCycle-commute (~2*20Km)
ThursdayRegents Park run (~5Km)
SaturdayLong run (~15Km)
SundayLong ride (Dist?)

Hopefully I'll be able to shuck some of the excess weight before 16/10, too. I've managed to put on about 12Kg since January: getting back to the sort of state i was in when I started running the first time :(

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