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popped out to Shoe Express and got some generic trainers instead, which is: 1, much cheaper; 2, no bullshit waiting to get served- pick some size 12 trainers off the rack, try 'em, buy 'em.

Walking around in trainers is so *wierd* after tramping around in nothing but New Rocks for, um, the past two years or so.

Also got some bike stuff (pump, puncture kit, helmet, lubricant)- still need to get some other stuff like lights and a lock though. And a wrench. And for the bike itself to arrive, of course 8)

Popped into the Ben Crouch for a meal too. Jacket potato with chili and sour cream. Not immensely healthy, but better than a monster burger. Forced myself to eat the side salad too, ick. Cabbage leaves, ickity ickity ick.

Plus a pint of Director's, which I ordered without thinking. Oops. Maybe I ought to give up drinking if I'm going to be healthy. I don't drink much as it is (imho)... hrm.

At least, in the last week I've avoided going to the vending machine at work, haven't had any Coke at all (not even Diet Coke, which I think is icky anyway)- or indeed any carbonated drinks that I can remember. Except for all the WKD at Infest :(

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