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Cycled in on the new bike today. It's good fun: although the chain has a worrying tendency to slip under high load. I seem to have got the cable adjusted so that it shifts correctly, but it still occasionally slips. A claen and re-lubricate tonight, then. And put the other tyres on-- riding in on knobblies is fun once, but not really a good idea :}

Good points include:

  • The brakes are amazing. I was forever having trouble with the old brakes squealing, wobbling due to wheel unevenness, or failing by diving under the rim when they were worn. Granted one morning's ride doesn't make an accurate long-term comparison, but I think I'm going to be glad I went for the disc brakes.

  • It's so light-- which is an advantage on the anti-vehicle gates on the towpath. These are generally OK, apart from the one next to Horsenden Lane which is too short for me to get the saddle under without leaning and faffing. But with a 9-sprocket cassette, the width between the chainstays is just slightly too much to roll the back wheel easily through the gates anyway. But I can simply lift the bike over with one hand, so it doesn't really matter. RAR!

I still need to get used to the handlebars (slightly different position, and no bar ends) and the saddle (I was using a padded/gel-filled wuss saddle before) but on the whole, it's good.

I also got some baggy shorts yesterday, which are handy for having pockets to keep keys, change etc. Although they tend to flap about a bit and generally don't feel as "free" as the plain Lycra shorts.

I was considering going for one of the training runs in Regents Park today but:

  1. This would mean cycling there, then running, then cycling home. I can probably manage it, but not the first day back at cycling after several weeks off.

  2. I have my old running shoes here, but no other shorts/top etc. I could probably run in cycling shorts, but I can see that becoming uncomfortable pretty quickly.


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Aug. 26th, 2005 10:31 am (UTC)
Well, a clean and re-lube of the chain certainly seems to have improved matters. I'll have a look for a tension adjustment-- in typical style, I haven't even read the booklet about the rear mech that came with the bike, just twiddled the cable adjuster :| Thinking about it, it does seem to happen more on the middle chainring than the larger one, so it could well be tension. I always thought you just shortened the chain to increase the tension, though... although it's possible this is one of those Shimano chains that needs a special rejoining pin.
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