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Aug. 23rd, 2005

I'm working from home today for the first tiime in ages, and feel relaxed enough to make an update for once. The reason I'm working from home is that I'm waiting for a new bike to arrive. Say what? Well, a few months ago, my rear spindle broke while I was riding it. I managed to get that replaced (eventually), but a few weeks later my rear rim finally gave up, taking several spokes with it. The reality is that my bike was a cheapo Argos job, with a heavy stell frame, oldfashioned freewhell, headset etc. and generally not suited to bombing along unpaved dirt tracks at 20mph. I decided it was worthwhile investing in a decent bike, so I am currently awaiting delivery of a GT Avalance 1.0 Disc '05, which I did not, at all, choose because it was matte black and the '06 model is white.

Sue has a bike too now, and since she's never learned to ride at all so far, I've been accompanying her going back and forth on the back street. Not very far, but it's a start.

We had a very enjoyable week off last week but one: went to Shrewsbury for a couple of days, up to my parents for a couple more, then called in on inferis for a day before heading back down. My motivation to do any work last week was noticeably lacking. Climbed Pendle for the first time in years on the Friday. Typically, it was a great day until just before we got to the top, at which point a cloud blew straight across in from the north, reducing visibilty from about 50 miles to about 200 yards. Despite that, it was fun :)


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