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Brent Park Ikea is open until midnight Monday to Friday. Sue is keen, Sue's mum is ecstatic, I am fearful. However, at least late at night does not feature so much of the sardine effect. Managed to fit a 2m-tall bookcase in the car, although it did require moving the seats forward quite a bit. At least we managed to avoid having to use the roof rack... and anyway, since it was more stuff with "this is really heavy" markings on, might not have been able to lift it up there anyway, argh. No more Ikea this month, though (hopefully).

Tube stuck at Ealing this morning so I got out and went to Broadway to get the Central line. Ah, the joys. Need to build up fitness to be able to cycle in regularly. If I can cycle in often enough, I can hopefully justify the cost of a decent new bike, which is about the cost of 2 monthly Travelcards, I think.
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