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Took the car in to the tuning centre today. Typically, this is the day when it snows in the morning and I have to scrape down all the windows first and then tackle the Petts Hill roadworks queue in falling snow. Fun. Anyway, they called me back and quoted me a price which is, well, expensive, but considerably less than the damage I would probably have caused trying to do it myself. Not that I'd actually managed to definitively locate where the idle control valve actually was anyway. But no car this weekend. Props to the Central Line driver who announced "this is the biggest sledge I've ever driven".

I've put up all the shelves that can fit in my computer room and arranged them around the filing cabinet, guitars, amps and Star Destroyer; connected the power strips but not cleared enough space to plug the computer in yet; kicked off the process for ADSL to be brought in, although not yet bought a router for it.

This weekend I want to experiment with cycling from the new place-- how long is it going to take to condition myself for cycling to work? If I can face it at all? I certainly couldn't this morning...
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