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Finally! We have moved! We now live in Greenford rather than Reading. Middlesex... sounds so posh (ha). Hired a van for 5 days, did about 6 trips. The van was essentially a minibus with van panels rather than windows and seats. It was huge. And the cul-de-sac we live on has cars lining each side and a school at the end. What fun!

Anyway, we did eventually get everything shifted over, including taking the stuff out of the separate storage compartment (itself costing £50pcm in rent) and for once have both sofas in the living room. The house is huuuge. Some few things wrong, but can't really complain for the price-- noisy central heating, for example (which might just mean the radiators need bleeding). I'm now at the "phone everyone up with the new address", a process that gets longer and longer every time... Fortunately things like magazine subscriptions are now more likely to have actual useful working websites, although this is balanced by spending 40 minutes on hold to NTL only to find that their back office is down and they can't do anything today.

We currently have piles and piles of crates. And those nasty chequered plastic bags for holding clothes, mainly full of clothes, but a few with books because we ran out of crates. And some other stuff miscellaneously piled up in the dining room. We managed to get the washing machine plumbed in (it's brand new, but was just left in the kitchen still in its packaging) and the central heating controls deciphered, and found somewhere that sold 6ft fluorescent tubes (which makes the kitchen very well-lit). Sue has been efficient and already hooked us up with BT and Sky.

My back threatened to give out at one point (probably due to hauling crates of hardbacks around), but has now mostly recovered, just leaving me with sore fingers (from holding said crates) and bruises up and down both legs (mainly from failing to jump into the van accurately). The computer desk is set up (but the computer not even plugged in) in a cubby hole at the back of the house with a vomit-inducing colour combination of yellow walls and green lampshade that should keep intruders at bay.

I just wish I could sleep for a week now, but I'm back at work (ha).

So, could anyone make it out here for a party or is it "too far" for most of you City slickers? Plenty of crash space for those from further afield, mind you... Perhaps this calls for a poll.

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