Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

Dark Trix last night was great fun-- we'll miss it. Obligatory dancing-like-a-nutcase to "Stigmata" occurred. I am resolving to actually get out to nights at the Rising Sun in the future-- it's pretty ridiculous that I don't, given that I only live 20 minutes' walk away, and that it was a blessed relief to be able to simply walk back home from Nokturnal on Monday.

By way of post-night-out recovery, we have had burgers, sausages and then tuna steaks and couscous. But no greasy spoon adventures this time.

From tomorrow, we are in a new office, although it's fairly close to the old one: so still packing onto the 36/436 down to Victoria in the morning. Need to start getting back in the habit of going running after work again-- I have the Ribble Valley10K two weeks from tomorrow and have hardly been out since the RunLondon shennanigans. I also need to arrange time off work to make sure I can actually get there!

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