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My legs are still a bit sore from Sunday night, but I'm recovering. It was good fun-- a bit cold at the start (and having to stand around for ages didn't help) but after a few Km, I was able to take the gloves off which felt better. Although all the way round it was pretty congested-- it didn't help that I was the very last person from wave 3 to set off, do to a toilet excursion before the start. Apparently by the time I went past Sue I was most of the way up the wave pack, but it was hard going-- worse than the M25 any day.

Anyway, I managed to finish in 51 minutes 59 seconds (5K: 25'23''), which is a considerable improvement on the previous 64 minutes 48! It would probably have been better with more space... never mind. It *was* fun, my first experience of a mass participation race. The runlondon site has a video clip of me coming across the finish line, although I can't easily view that on Linux. (I can view the mms stream, but I can't persuade MPlayer or Xine to start two hours in, and don't feel like watching two hours of video just to get to the right point-- fast-motion mode doesn't seem to work either).

I took a few photos on my phone but they didn't come out well. Met up in the pub with Sue afterwards (the Liberty Bounds, don't ask me where I thought the other name up from) and just missed getting food there 8| finally got home at 2am. Managed to stagger (almost literally) into work the next day. Feeling much more alive today :}
Tags: race results, runlondon, running

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