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nike 10k this Sunday

This Sunday I’m running in the Nike 10K, a nocturnal road race on the south bank. Should be fun-- we’ve all been given dayglo shirts to run in, should look quite odd. Anyway, if anyone feels like cheering people on etc., Sue’s going to be watching near the north end of Tower Bridge-- although with 30,000 entrants the chances of actually spotting me I’d say were minimal! It’ll also be chaos trying to meet up afterwards-- we’re planning on rendezvousing in the Wetherspoons across from the Tower, which Istr is the Counting House or sth?

I’m setting off at 8pm, which means I’ll be going past that point (7Km or so) at around 8.30-8.45pm.

What’s worrying is that we haven’t been out running after work for a bit, so I’m out of practice! Not good preparation! So I might do the lunchtime 5K today at a moderate pace just to get back in the swing of things... Still, consider last time I ran a 10K I had to cycle there from Twyford, and still managed to cycle back to Caversham, I think I’ll survive.

Updated: I’m in wave 3, so setting off at 8pm
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