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InFest 2001

InFest; such fun, a long weekend away in, uh, Bradford. With fine bands and cheap beer.


Off work, so I went through a large pile of bills, documents, bank statements etc. and sorted them into files, throwing out things like old water and phone bills for somewhere I hadn't lived for years. Also phoned places up like the student loans company, who thought I still lived in Cambridge.

We eventually got to King's X around 5pm or so, to discover that of course it was totally rammed with people wanting to get out of London for the long weekend. We couldn't get on the first train we saw, so we waited 45 minutes to sit in one of the end bits on the next one. Fortunately, it thinned out as it went further north and we got seats that even I can fit into. (that's a height-induced problem, not porkiness-induced).

Anyway, once we got to Bradford, we then spent 15 minutes looking for the hotel which was "just next to" Forster Square station. It turns out that it is, provided you go out the right exit from the station in the first place. Oops. And the hotel was pretty nice, although the room they initially assigned us was kitted out as a double room rather than a twin, which was embarassing :|

But finally we got in a taxi to go to the venue. And half way there I realised I'd left the tickets in the hotel room. It had to happen at some point, and I'm damn glad I didn't leave them in London or on the train!

And finally, after the long boring trip (entirely as boring as my write-up), we were issued bright orange wristbands (urnf) and descended into the depths... where we RARred at kas before heading to the bar to begin our quest for bl00. Found diglett at the bar, and soon discovered the rest of that carload of netgoth miscreants avoiding watching Inertia. Who, sadly, didn't seem as impressive as I'd hoped :|

Friday night was nicely relaxing- we drank, we danced, we didn't make fools of ourselves to any great extent (or at least I don't remember it). Seafood pizzas bad though (but not my fault).


Well, I got up for breakfast, although kilinrax was too passed-out for it. For some reason, we got to the venue around 2pm anyway, long before it opened. So we went to the SU bar just across the way, and drank with molochai and a few random others. Then we decided to go grab some food so wandered down to the pub. Satisfied and bloating, we went back up to the venue.

I can't remember if we saw any of Leechwoman or not- if we did, I don't remember them so I guess I wasn't impressed. I can remember thinking that PAL were just someone singing over a DAT- which imho is the general problem with electro bands doing live acts.

I did at some point in the afternoon invest in a bunch of CDs, including A23, Icon Of Coil, Klinik and De/Vision. Since I'm going to be seeing De/Vision after Evil's Toy in October, I figured I ought to find out what they sound like.

But omg, Beborn Beton. Call me sad (lots of people will), but I have all their albums and have listened to them a lot- granted usually as background when I'm working. But some more than others- I certainly remember discovering "Another World". So basically this was the first band where I really knew their songs, and I think they also did very well for having stage presence. So I bounced, waved my hands in the air and generally made a fool of myself down at the front :) It was great!

And after that, Suicide Commando- who I've never really liked on CD- failed to captivate me. Which is a pity in a way- I've heard people raving about them being the best thing in EBM at the moment- I guess they're just not to my taste. They sounded better than I was afraid they were going to be, which makes me suspect that the tracks I have on comps are dodgy picks. In fact, I think I recognised one of the tracks as something they played on Friday. So I guess I'm less indisposed to them, even though I wouldn't go so far as to say I like them. Something to look into.

Then followed yet more drinking and dancing- due to having started drinking earlier on Saturday, most people seemed to be pretty steamed towards the end of the night :) I had had to switch to drinking water as I started to get alcohol shivers... and right at the end was a fine sequence of tracks to just polish off the night and show that we could nicely fill up that oversize dancefloor :)

While sitting outside complaining about being knackered, was apprehended again by diglett et al and invited for a vodka-powered get-together back at their place. Once we'd dragged ourselves over there, suzi went off to get the vodka, fross went off to the bathroom... and they were never seen again. Eventually, we got evicted so that kas could crash so we went back to the hotel again with only a few chocolate hob-nobs for sustenance.


No breakfast this morning since I was utterly out of it. In fact, we didn't emerge from the hotel until about 2.30 or 3 or something. We went straight to the pub, of course. We were just finishing up our drinks when we were joined by Thrusting Tim from Cambridge and his jailbait (not really) girlfriend Kirsty. Hilarity ensued- Tim can read out the menu and make it sound lewd and crude, helped by the existence of items like "Moist Suet Sponge".

Being at the pub, we missed Goteki (no harm done) and Monolith (pity) but got back to the venue in plenty of time for Icon Of Coil, who were pretty fine- not amazing, but I didn't know their songs either.

More drinking ensued, although they had run out of bl00 at this point, so I drank iron brew (0range?). Dive failed to make much of an impression on me- the only reason I'd heard of them before was because they've got a track called "Wake Up Screaming" somewhere. :)

So we sat outside for a bit. Met Steerpikesister from IRC, who has an intensely disturbing vocal ability, which caused fross to retreat to his happy place inside his hoodie.

And finally to Covenant, who I'd already seen a couple of times before. They were OK- instead of just being one guy and a DAT, they were ... um, three guys and a DAT. And since the last time I saw them they were two guys and a DAT I guess this is an improvement. But it was still kind of "same-old, same-old" and I only actually went onto the dancefloor when they played Figurehead :)

Being too devoid of energy to stay up any longer, I retreated to the hotel at this point.


The End. Got up for breakfast again for once. Back to room and woke kilinrax up witha reminder we had to be checked out by 11. He reckoned there was going to be some sort of picnic, and I remembered a flyer on one night mentioning some such picnic in Kirkstall Abbey grounds. However, after we'd rejoined the netgoth crew and headed back over to the venue to say last farewells, no-one else was able to substantiate it. So we ended up going for curry instead. Then we parted ways and me and kilinrax headed off to the Interchange and thence back to London.

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