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pub, party, Ridgeway, cleaning...

The weekend! Stayed out a bit late in the pub with people from work + Sue (it's handy working fairly near each other). Went out to London on Saturday as well, wearing the new boots out for the first time (they take a bit of getting used to walking in, but they seem OK) and stuffed ourselves at Chilli's, then headed up to Aden's birthday party. Rather a quiet one, but that's fine by me; although I picked up a sore throat, either from cigarette smoke, or some lurgy, or both.

Probably didn't help this by going out cycling the next day. Went over to the Ridgeway at Aldworth and along a bit-- great fun, although I can see why the RA is concerned about the surface, which is atrocious. Even for a mountain bike. Not that I saw many other cyclists-- lots of walkers, 4x4s and trail bikes though. Got gloriously muddy, and also a bit tired, and another puncture. (Particularly annoying since I had to fix one before I set off). Eventually crawled in to Newbury and got the train back. May try it again next time and cut down on the diversions so I can get to Hungerford, which is where I was heading for. There is a Round Berkshire Cycle Route that is occasionally waymarked (and marked on one of my two local Landrangers) that I was trying to follow. It not being marked on the Newbury/Didcot one is a real pain for gonig out that way though :|

Then came back and after a quick dinner (tuna steak + veggie stir fry) got roped into helping clean up the house, vacuuming etc. Which just made me sneezy in addition to having a sore throat. Bleeargh, as they say.



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