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Bedraggled of Windsor

Had to give Sue her present early-- I'd bought her a watch (because she wanted a sports watch with a strap that stops it getting too itchy, and was coveting mine, apart from it being too big) but then she was talking about going to get one herself today so I had to give it to her early. On the up side, I've now got her worried about getting me something good in return.. could be fun :)

I discovered that there is another bike shop near work (just by Scotland Yard, in fact) that seems to be nicer than Evans. And they had long-sleeve jerseys on sale, so I got one. (Last year's Altura Altitude, in case you were interested). Now, earlier today I was going to head out on the bike. It was spotting with rain so I thought I'd wear the new one rather than short sleeves. By the time I came out, it was raining a bit harder, so I decoded to go the whole hog and put on overtrousers and jacket, confident that this would make the sun come out in all its splendour and heat when I was about 8 miles away from home.

As a matter of fact, it utterly pissed it down- and between that and getting lost somewhere around Windsor, it was shaping up to be a pretty miserable experience. Plus, the jacket is not as waterproof as I'd like (it was reduced to 1p, so can't complain too much) and its outer surface turns to ickiness in rain for some reason. However, I did eventually find my way back to the main cycle route. Bizarrely, just as I found the mile post, the rain stopped, the sun came out and a big fucking rainbow appeared in the sky. Some days just aim to torment you. I finally made my way into Slough (thrilling, not) and got a train home after clocking up just 30 miles. If it hadn't been raining, I might have been able to face coming back some other way. Oh well.

I have acquired some additional cycle maps of London that cover some of the sections we're targetting to move to- we now have a sweep of west and north-west London. Apparently, some bits of Northolt are a bit dodge, but if you go out a bit further (!) to Ruislip there are some nice bits that might be affordable too.
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