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WMB have an article about the mountain-bike-riding one-man "Ambulances". It's quite impressive-- it's a neat idea, and a stupendous amount of kit to carry. They show a photo of the contents of his panniers and say it comes to about 50lbs. Scary.

I have new running shoes-- Mizuno Wave Legend II, or something like that. My previous ones are wearing out on the soles and the uppers are getting distinctly frayed. So they get demoted to "general koncking about in" use for another year or so until they fall apart completely :}

Exercising and so on has been a bit lacking recently-- the early mornings have been harder to manage etc. etc. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Will try and get it back on track. Having said that, I have managed to up my shoulder press weight, so obviously I've not reverted to weakling after a couple of slack weeks :}

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