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stubborngit was around yesterday, he's off to cycle from Reading to Chippenham to kick off a week off work. We decided to go for a ride yesterday-- nothing strenuous, just a few miles out and back to Pangbourne.

I got a puncture. Put in the spare inner tube but apparently didn't find the bit of stone wedged in my tyre. So I got another puncture. Unfortunately, this one manifested when I was coming on to a ronudabout at about 16mph-- I was banked left, tried to shift over to bank right, and the bike didn't want to move. So I scraped my left elbow, hip and calf along the tarmac for a bit :| Nothing serious, I have scratches on my leg and nasty weals on my elbow. Fortunately, I'm in the habit of carrying a first-aid kit on the bike; although wiping the elbow with the alcohol-soaked wipe was not fun... but best to get it over with when you've got an adrenaline rush. Bandaged up the elbow, repaired the puncture, managed to get the little stone chip out of the tyre, finally went home. A bit wobbly at first, but not too bad once I was going.

Apart from that, it was a magnificently uneventful weekend :)
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