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I now have black hair. Comparison photos and poll later.

Went to the Cats Protection Summer Fayre on Saturday afternoon. Charity-shop ware, home-cooked goodies, and a few friendly cats. Ah, peace and bliss. I got a Linkin Park CD and the Metal Gear Solid soudntrack on a whim. £2 each, can't really complain.

Went to bmovie for the evening, which was cheesy good fun. Not what I expected, but fun all the same. Sue was embarassed over me dancing to Ghostbusters, apparently. Drove there and back, so was off the booze, but it was at least convenient. I'm almost blasé about driving into London when I have to now. Unfortunately, I managed to spill some hair dye on my wrist and didn't notice until after I'd put my watch on and got this burning sensation a bit later... looks like I'll now have a second peroxide scar.

Met jinxcw for the first time in years, and colfish and Jerry et al for the first time in too long. Sue thinks they're wierd-but-in-a-good-way and vice versa (afaict), this is probably the best result :}

Did practically nothing yesterday---I had a sore neck after Saturday's bouncing which is only just recovering :|


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