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Yesterday: went in to London by train and went to the gym, managed to stop my autopilot immediately walking me back into the office. Being on holiday is wierd! Met inferis in the pub instead to swap how-are-yous and when-the-hell-did-I-last-see-you-anyways. Drank three pints and a test tube, neatly cancelling out any health benefit of going to the gym earlier, I should imagine.

Today, drove in to Ikea (ptui!) in Brent Park for a combined food/shelves shopping trip. Er, yeah. Can just about fit four 226cm-long upright thingies in the car by dint of leaning a front seat all the way back, and having them stick through from the boot. After we got back, went for a curry and now feel immensely fat. Gratuitous creamy yoghurts not helping here. While it's true I'm trying to lose weight and haven't actually managed to do so for a few weeks, I've not put any on either. So it's not all bad.

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