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Went out for bike ride (dst=25.39mi, tm=1:50:34) which was marred somewhat by my back brakes screaming, and me trying to fix this and largely failing. It makes me glad I've got the Alien tool for situations like this, but it's very frustrating. I think I'm not toeing-in the brake blocks correctly, but I'm not sure.

I was flagging towards the end, probably due to not having proper food before going out. ewps :| so I scarfed a sandwich and slice of bread and jam, then got a phone call from Sue who was sitting in a cafe in a state of near-exhaustion. Walking around for three hours tithout food trying to find somewhere that sells Anchor Spreadable, apparently. Hmm. Anyway, picked her up in the car (air con to the rescue again!) and replenished supplies of non-mustard yellow goodness and a few other things. Discovered that you can in fact get a sparkling rose wine--- but didn't actually get any of that becuase it costs, like, £8 a bottle.

wtf... I just found this window... I thought I'd posted this!

since then I have eaten far far far too much bread and jam.
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