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The weekend:
Saturday - Coventry
Finally got going after diverting via shops for last-minute essentials. It turns out that Coventry is "only" 90 miles away. Found the hotel (after a quick investment in a Coventry A-Z), checked in, headed into Coventry itself. Wandered around-- Sue was planning on going shopping but decided sightseeing was more fun. Didn't go inside the cathedral, but did admire the outside. I can see why some people didn't like it, but I do-- perhaps living at Robinson College for three years helped there? Went to Nando's, back to hotel, had a bit of a swim, discovered that going from an 18m pool to a 50m pool is pretty hard, esp. if you've not even been in the 18m pool for a few weeks, wound down in the bar, tried to get to sleep despite the heat and humidity. Next time, need to bring a fan...
Sunday - Stoneleigh Park
Headed off in the morning to the Festival of History to see lots of re-enactors with hangovers trying to cope with the heat :} It was a really good day, apart from the heat and the wasps-- I managed to get stung on the belly, thanks to a wasp investigating me while I was rooting around in my bag.
Sue took loads of photos, which I haven't actually looked at yet. We managed to resist the temptation of lots of bottles of mead stacked up in one tent. The afternoon finished with a recreation of Naseby (chaotic) and a flyby by a Spitfire (nice).
Drove home, and gorged on pizza. Oops
Monday - Holiday begins
Finally got around to repairing my front bike tyre. Had a quick test run, decided the rear brakes needed adjusting, and then the rain started to come down. In style. We went to Waitrose in Caversham, and Sue got totally soaked due to trying to use cheap and nasty raincoat that wasn't actually waterproof. So the next trip out included going to Millet's to get some waterproofing spray :}
Apart from that, achieved nothing of consequence, which is good..

Hopefully, I will actually finish off fixing up the bike and get out for a ride today. But I may not. I was thinking of taking it into London and trying this cycle route out by the canal, to see if I could really use it for commuting. I also ought to get to the gym at least once or twice this week. Harrumph!


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