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I ought to get back in the habit of updating more often, rather than doing these bulk updates...

Went running to Sonning and back, 1:13:38. This is the first long run I've done since the 10K, and my left calf seems to have recovered, although I notice that, typically, my right one is twinging a bit now. All together now---you can pacify some of the muscles some of the time etc... Apart from that, lazed around the house because I was knackered.
Went off in the blue throbbing monster to Bucklebury, for a "short" 6-mile hike. The pubs were closed when we went past :| Came back, was knackered again.
Went to the gym in the morning (if I hadn't, I'd've been at work before 9am and the world would have ended). Work crap. Ran to Paddington (24:53) and then home from the station (9:13). All in all, 1 hour 25 minutes, which is about the same time it takes if I get a bus from work to Paddington. So I really ought to do it more often.
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