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Since my last entry...

I had the old car taken away and got a new one. I got a Vauxhall Omega with a rather smaller engine so it won't break the bank in petrol terms; or, at least, won't break the bank as quickly. It has a funky mpg computer to help justify that statement. Managed to transfer the MP3 player over, eventually, including being able to use the steering wheel controls. Handy, it just looks like it's straining to burst out the front due to the pressure of all the wiring that Kenwood insist on hanging out the back, that the OEM radio doesn't have because it has the ISO socket built straight on the back-- hence there's little extra space in the aperture.

To "celebrate", went hiking in the New Forest last weekend (avg 31mpg). Bought probably a duplicate copy of the book of walks we bought last time, which we couldn't find. Did still have the map though. I'm beginning to think I have a Thing about maps-- I have far more than I need and keep getting more. Hmmm.

Anyway, we went for a 6-and-a-half mile (?) walk around Burley, with a stop for a toasted teacake and coffee. I also (the day before) got a bike carrier for the car, so could take the bike there or to Swinley Forest et al more easily. Although it would appear that SWT have got their act together and now run more than three services a day through the NF. Or maybe it's just the difference due to a peak season timetable. It also helps to remember that "Ashurst" is not the same as "Ashurst New Forest".

And also, I've been to see a physio (briefly) for the latest installment in that thrilling saga, What's Wrong With Steve's Knee(s). Except, of course, we know what's wrong-- the ligaments are fucked. But anyway, she prescribed getting a PT to give me a training programme (fortunately all this so far is covered by the monthly membership) to strengthen the blah blah obliques that are part of the quadriceps.
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