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I was very sad last night; having failed to find a supply of purple plastic goblets at Reading Tescos (long story), I decided to make use of the inclusive Travelcard zones and headed out to Brent Cross. For old time's sake, stopped off in Golders Green and went to the noodle place. Amazingly, they recognised me from several years ago.... I obviously went too often! Still, it was good; wish there was something equivalent on the Victoria->Reading track that was open as late... Reading completely shuts down around 6pm. It got me musing about the time I was living in London, and remembering that there were some good things and times, but also some bad ones (esp in Golders Court-- hot water stopping, dripping into flat below, falling frontage almost crushing Sue). It's interesting to reminisce, but you have to stop yourself after a while.

Eventually managed to get not only a couple more goblets, but also tumblers and plates from the same range. What we'll do with them, I don't know. But they're potentially useful for taking along to any other BBQ-style events, and actually quite funky.

I have also sold another chunk of soul, by way of joining a gym near work. I've had my fun being smug about not being a member of one, so now it's time :} Seriously, it's a bit of a drag having to rush to get home around 8.30pm *just* so that I can go in, say "hi", and rush back out again to go to the pool before it shuts, or go running in time to have food before midnight. I've also got a price quote for converting my membership into a joint membership with Sue, becuase she's been mentioning she needs to do something like this... we'll see.

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