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that was the weekend that was

Well, a quiet Friday evening trying to unpack some stuff and get the new flat into a reasonable state of reasonableness, and then up for a Saturday of malarkey.

First off, got up in the morning to head over to the old place to hand our keys back and get a cheque for our old flat deposit. Watched kilinrax and eleanor enjoy putting together Ikea furniture far more than is healthy, then departed towards St Pancras on the way to Leicester.

And why Leicester? Well, there was a party, but first off a stop for noodles. I wandered out of the station and luckily recognised one of the black-wearing long-haired miscreants I was trying to meet up with- once most people had converged on the train station, we convoyed off to the noodle joint, guiding a third car in by mobile phone.

Noodle bars are generally cool- usually a source of a large quantity of decent food for a decent price. There are counter-examples, of course: for instance I seem to remember Wagamamas as being horrendously expensive for what it is, whereas by contrast there are a whole bunce of places we've been to around Golders Green and Greenwich which definitely fit the "cheap and cheerful" description.

Anyway, once bloated with noodly goodness, we departed in a traffic-light-style convoy for the party headquarters, which turned out to be a pleasant if small detached house with a paddling pool set up in the lawn. Needless to say, this was a source of much hilarity with people finally being thrown in and in particular Paddling Pool Sumo Wrestling (which I would have challenged in if I'd been more steamed and my knee was fully functional).

Although I only knew a few people there, practically everyone was very friendly, and as an event away to calm down after moving house, it was great. Around 4 or 5am, people started crashing, and I discovered that although it's possible to nap in an armchair, sleeping properly is pretty damn hard.

Forgot to mention that the house has at least three very people-friendly cats that turned into heavy duty purring machines when stroked :)

Sunday was intended to feature a picnic, but didn't, because it looked like it might rain and no-one turned up. But we had jelly and ice cream while sitting on the lawn, kuang brought his acoustic guitar along and tal, fury, penguin and lil' green dave sloshed around in the pool.

Eventually, I realised I was too tired to keep up and Kuang nicely drove me back to the station (perhaps encouraged because the sloshing was getting a little steamy *ahem*). I was sufficiently tired to fall asleep on the train, which is very rare. Got back to Golders Green, decided to consume yet more noodly goodness at the local place, went home, fell asleep (before dusk, natch, I was really tired).

A peaceful weekend. And I'm practically back to normal after last week now. I'm taciturn and moody, but it's a *normal* moody and taciturn :)

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