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Finally! It's all done! I've been moving stuff around since Monday evening, and I'm heartily sick of it. Moving house is a drag- particularly with little "extras" like me having taken our landlord's bed to storage because it was crap, necessitating me retrieving it after shifting my own bed to the new place. Basically, I've done quite enough bed-shifting this week to last me the year.

Although moving house was stressful, it's hardly interesting enough to include a detailed account here. Suffice to say I have *far* too much STUFF at home, and I was glad that I stocked up on a buttload of "Tuff Crates" from Homebase which carried most of it.

Plus there was the entertainment of shifting our (rented) wide-ass TV from one place to the other without breaking it (and hence exposing that we didn't get an "Authorised Repairer" to move it). Although I did drop one of the plastic feet in the lift door and wedged it rather nastily.

So now we have a new place. I finally won a coin-toss for picking the nice room (first time in three) so I have the nice BIG front bedroom, sext to our nice BIG lounge.... mmmmhmmmm.....

Anyway, once we get some more lounge furniture sorted out (we currently have a grand total of two Ikea chairs, one still not unpacked) it should be a fine place to have gatherings. Something we spectacularly failed to have in the previous place. Oops.

The only real problem with the place is that it's literally right next to the tube line- so the whole place vibrates whenever a train goes past. Perhaps not a good place to try and crash on the floor :)

Now we want to sort out ADSL for the new place :) Need bandwidth....

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