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Did a little more shopping in the Oracle (the 'Orrible?) this morning-- Lush and Body Shop for, ah, generic girly presents :) Which I think is a bit of a cop-out, but one lass on a forum suggested that it's actually pretty good as generic presents go... will see.

Quick lunch at noodle place in town(should go more often, it's nice), and then headed off to London to give inferis and myriadofsins a hand moving house. I turned out to be the first helper to turn up, hmm. Their new flat is amazingly close to the Tube station, with convenient caff. And has a garden and (now) a cat. Result! Anyway, after shifting a load, and helping pack another, headed off back home, got back about 9:45. The journey between Reading and London is actually quite pleasant when it's quiet. I'd certainly rather spend a 25 minute journey on a 125 than heading off into London's outer reaches on a tube or suburban train.

We have lots of Christmas decorations up in the dining room now. Sue's talking about making a tablecloth. I'm hiding in the computer room.

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