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OK, my official time in the race was 29:51, which I think is pretty good since I was expecting to be over 30 minutes.

The race is around the paths in Hyde Park, very scenic. Also close enough to work for me to walk there and back, although that added a fair bit of extra time out :}

Got there feeling very self-conscious. It's amazing how much specialised kit there is for running, and I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who had quite a lot. However, everyone there was friendly (unlike the tour bus ticket pusher who thought he was a comedian on my way there) and informal... just hand over the token, collect race number and safety pins and wander over to the start line. Sue turned up to see us off, and managed to identify a couple of people I'd met online just before we had to line up for the start.

So we all line up, someone shouts "go!" and we're off... it felt very strange. Bear in mind that all the running I've been doing up to now has been solo-- having someone else there to compare myself to or share the experience (blech) with was very strange. Also had a moment of "they're not going to keep this pace up all the way, are they?" They probably didn't, but I started near the back anyway, so didn't get too much everyone-overtaking-me effect.

Sue made her way up to the fountains at the north end of Long Water to cheer me on up there too. I needed it, because I'd already had to stop for a couple of little walk-breaks, around 1.5Km and 2Km. Did it later as well. Didn't really get a good grit-teeth-and-bear-it attitude going until the last half-Km, in fact.

The route has its own special features-- e.g. you come away from the Serpentine itself and back onto the road you started on, and you can see the people ahead of you turning and coming back the other way down the other path 10 metres to your right. gngngngn.

But then it's along the path (Rotten Row, wonderful name...) to the finish and finally a just to stop the jolting and stretch the knees properly... ahhh....

There's a page with results and a page of pictures, of which one has me and one has a couple of forumite friends who were just behind me. (Well, a minute and a half behind me)

After that, went back to work, discovered not much going on, then went to meet Sue at the Science Museum and go round the Lord Of The Rings Exhibition, which was pretty cool. Then went to Nando's for hot chicken (woof!) and finally home. At least, my legs can rest...


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Dec. 19th, 2003 01:33 pm (UTC)
That is so cool. :) I've got to start running, but am waiting for a treadmill, so I can figure it out at home without looking too bouncy in public. You averaged better than 10 Kph! That's fast! :) Congratulations.. excellent job. :)
Dec. 20th, 2003 01:39 pm (UTC)

Unfortunately you lose 50 goth points for the wearing of white trainers. :o)
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