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Worked from home yesterday due to a combination of:
  1. Network Rail cutting the signal at Twyford
  2. A busful of rugby players being paraded around central London.
Worked from home. Spent unprecedented amount at Tesco buying food and Christmas supplies. Arrgh.

Went swimming last night. Rough estimate is that I swam about 360m over 35-40 minutes (about 10 yards/min). A long way to go there, then. Did spend time trying to do rolls in the water and other such malarkey--- these things are supposed to be fun, dammit :}

I have bought a bar of Green & Black's organic dark chocolate. It's considerably stronger than Bourneville dark etc... Mmmm.... Me buying chocolate is of course Clearly Evil. I'm resisting scarfing entire boxes of orange After Eights at home too.

This journal entry being written while I rest my head from trying to safely use IPC::Shareable. Dammit, why can't it mark the segments as clean-on-no-more-references like everything else does? I've had too many occasions of having to manually clean up IPC lists on production boxes... I'm going to end up using BerkeleyDB at this rate...

I need more coffee, I think that's my problem. Not had any today ⇒ need some now.

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