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brought running kit to work today, intent being to plod around Hyde Park on the way home, rather than goin home, getting changed and going back out, what a palaver.

squeezed in quickie pub showing to say hi and congrats to inferis and myriadofsins, zoomed home into Spidermobile and off to Highdown again... fortunately open this time, and very quiet, handy. I can swim two lengths in a row now. it's a little disturbing that this is such an achievement. still not quite got the hang of pacing myself properly though. and damn i can't do breaststroke any more, i sink too fast.

discovered a last piece of easy-steam salmon in the freezer, yummy. managed to drag sue to Bruno's this lunchtime. have bought a smarties bar, and currently staving off temptation. grrr.

Friday afternoons go so slooow.

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