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settling into routine... have to, really, just found out I've hit my overdraft limit again this month :(

went running again last night. did 7(3+1) instead of 6(3+1) due to losing count. oops :) following measurements on the bike, I now know that's a tad over 2 miles, about 10:30-11 minutes per mile. Considering I'm walking a quarter of the time, that doesn't seem too bad.

Experimented with the new grill-pan thingy by brushing some sardines in chilli oil and cooking them on that. Works quite nicely, along with some pasta and red pesto. Mmmm. Not sure how healthy this really is-- I mean, they say the Ω-3 is good for you, but that alone doesn't healthy make. Oh well, whatever, I'm still alive.

Actually managed to be compos mentis enough to make sandwiches to take to work this morning (and actually take them to work too), but this is probably more a reflection on how late I was getting to work rather than my being any better in the mornings than I used to be :}

Swimming tonight, provided I can rustle together the entry fee .. yep.

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