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hello, welcome, and greetings.

First entry. In a way, that is: I've kept an online diary before, but not here, and not for a few years. So it's a first, but it's also a returning.

It would be sensible at this point to introduce myself, and explain my reasons for keeping a diary; but I'm going to indulge myself and skip that :) Hopefully, all you need to know to know me will become clear in future entries: anything else is prejudice.

Still, there's no point being overly secretive. How was today? The company I work for, the London office of an Internet portal, has just shed half its staff, including three European offices. Happy happy joy joy- today was the first day with just the UK team remaining. And, of course, this means that we *have* to have everyone moved to different locations within the office- can't have everyone getting maudlin about the empty spaces can we? (Let them concentrate on the possibility it might be the rest of us soon, hmmm?)

I actually like my job, although I have a tendency to complain about it a lot. There are a lot of bad things- which I'm sure I'll be going over in excruciating detail in the future- but they do let me turn up dressed however I like at 12pm, and they're starting to actually consider the possibility that maybe I have some good ideas about how things should be done. Encouraging, that.

On the other hand, I tend to be in work until about 9pm. Go home, too tired to do much, so just back on the computer and go on IRC and do other things (such as this journal, now). And hence life is taking on this Sleep -> Commute -> Work -> Commute -> Spod -> Sleep -> Repeat format, which is ugly. Hopefully at some point I'll change this. The killer there is "at some point"- I'm terminally lazy, which means I'll probably continue like this until something traumatic happens to change it. Argh.

Still, nothing much happened at work today- we've been keeping our heads down, those of us who knew we were staying, so it wasn't a big hassle apart from emotionally. (And the office shifting around, although I was one of the few *not* being moved so I was lucky)

Another advantage of work is that I can use IRC all day- we use it to communicate interactively with our ops team in California- so I try to keep up with the net.goth IRC channel (an effort even if you're not trying to work at the same time I'd say). Having been in London almost two years now, it's about time I started developing a social life :}

Enough for now, I think.

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