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A pleasant weekend doing nothing in particular. Except for recovering from Ye Lurgy, of course. Did go out for a bit of a run yesterday, need to get back to schedule asap, it's slipping.

Went to Tesco during the daytime on Saturday, so indulged in actually getting fresh fish for the first time... well, ever really, it's something I've actually not done before. (Only back from Whitby a few days, and eating fish again, hmmm). Anyway, we had grilled hake fillets with mashed potato, parsnips and onions (expensive but nice), and then this lunchtime grilled salmon pieces w/ herb and garlic butter (? it was sold like that) with lemon and coriander couscous. Yummy :) With that and a stir fry for tea, feeling very well filled up :}

Bought Sue the Inidiana Jones DVD box set as an early Christmas present. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Back to work tomorrow. And I need to get productive again. Fortunately, I've pretty much recovered from sniffles etc., so it should be possible. Must resist temptation to play Civ III until 4am. Mmm.

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