Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
Steve Haslam

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OK, well Easter's gone by...

Went to Legoland (wahey!) over Easter weekend. (Hey, it's only 20 miles away). Quite fun, took some photos. Considering going to Warwick Castle tomorrow, yummy...

Hmm, I need to update my photo-viewer app to allow low-bandwidth people to view medium-size rebuilt JPEGs. 350Kb JPEGs not fun on 56K.

Also, at the instigation (and financing) of my parents, I bought a bread making machine. The results are scrummy :) 2 hours to bake a big loaf (that sounds obscene), and a timer mode so it can be hot and waiting when you get home... uh.. anyway.

work is boring, but I actually had a productive day today. bleargh. then went to London to have Mexican food with a bunch of people from the Home Office (Sue's dept). Nice, but expensive. (Gimme Chili's any day, and it's closer too).

The end. Ye gods, my life is boring.

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