Steve Haslam (araqnid) wrote,
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First gig
Anthrax at the Town & Country Club in Leeds, on the Sound of White Noise tour
Most recent gig
Not sure-- either Whitby, although I don't remember watching any of the bands, or Dream Disciples at the Underworld
Next gig
C.P., Emoshun and other in Bristol this weekend
Best gig
Hmm, not sure. Possibly the Anthrax one above, Sepultura for "Roots" at the LA2, Pitchshifter at Norwich Waterfront, Therapy? at Norwich Waterfront, Front 242 at Shepherd's Bush... hard to say. Probably Pitchshifter, I remember how utterly exhilarated I was :)
Worst gig
Cruxshadows et al at Slimelight.
Sadly Missed
The Clash Of The Titans (Slayer + Megadeth + Testament + Suicidal Tendencies)-- my friend at school was going with his borther, and Dad refused to let me go with them. How cheesy :)
Always A Pleasure
Pitchshifter. Actually there aren't many bands I've seen multiple times.
Best Venue
Norwich Waterfront is great fun for an "intimate" atmosphere.</dt>
Worst Venue
Slimelight. Just don't do it.
Like To See
Nine Inch Nails, Leæther Strip (if they even play live, or if he's even still going)


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