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i am white van man, i need diesel for my bunghole

Well, today I helped tashaa and Steve move stuff around London. A simple task?

I was supposed to be at the hire place at 12. I wake up at 10.30 ish. Not really a problem, but... I've only got a vague memory of where the hire place *is*, and the directions I took down over the phone are at work, along with the place's phone number. Oops. So I went into work, grabbed them, phoned them to verify their address, and went back out... It takes me an hour to get to work so go figure.

Anyway, I get to East Finchley and figure I'm running 20 or so minutes late. Then suddenly the next station is Mill Hill East- muggins forgot to check the destination properly and just went for a non-Edgware track. So I have to get the train *back* to East Finchley and then change o go to Woodside Park. Getting worse.

Anyway, on the way from Woodside Park to High Road, I looked again at my driver's license folder... and horror! my photocard is gone. I knew it had still been there on the train.... so I searched the route from the station to where I'd got to, but no luck.

Fortunately, one of the advantages of hiring from little one-or-two-person outfits is that they're more lenient with this sort of thing, and I was able to just show him my counterpart.... but it was now 1.15pm and I was supposed to be at tasha's by 12.30pm. Blech.

Then happened the first in a long series of screwing up navigation for no good reason. I *can* follow the 210 bus route via Hampstead to Archway, I just failed and ended up at Swiss Cottage. Argh. After that, I managed to remember the route to Angel- then spent 15 minutes finding my way thorough the Gordian knot of a one-way system to the right road.

Anyway, we loaded up the van with a bunch of stuff, drove to Hackney, loaded up the van some more with a bunch more stuff and a rather upset cat, then headed off South Of The River... -ominous music-

Well, to summarise, New Cross is hell to navigate around, and once again, a one-way system insisted on making things much harder than necessary. But we finally reached our destination and Steve, so we loaded up the van with yet more stuff, and went our ways to a rendezvous back in Finchley.

Now, it must be said that my navigation is usually fine if I've studied the map ahead of time, and I'm paying attention. However, on a really hot today it's likely I'll navigate by "drive straight on until we get to big road signs" combined with "look at the direction indicators on the bus stops". Which meant we got there, via Peckham, Vauxhall Bridge, Victoria, Chelsea, Victoria *again*, Marble Arch and comparatively sensibly following the N13 route home.

Despite all that we still arrived at our rendezvous before Steve, who to be fair had to make a stop in Covent Garden in the rush hour laden down with big bags... Anyway, we dropped off a bit of stuff, and made a quick hop skip and jump over to the final destination, where we finally unpacked a now-extremely-distraught cat, and wondered how all this stuff was going to fit in... Anyway, Steve arrived and we moved stuff out of the van finally, then me and Steve went in search of food while tasha attempted to avoid major Cat Wars breaking out (two cats already in the flat, and one newcomer not too happy about spending several hours in a box in a hot van). So we got Thai goodness (that's food, you perverts) and ate out on the grass round tha back... then pretty much just lay there in the declining-but-still-obtrusive heat.

Anyway, at some point back I dragged my stuffed-with-pad-thai carcass back to the van and drove here. Only I forgot to bring the zapper that opens the gates this morning- so I detoured to the petrol station at Brent Cross (despite there being one right next to the flat, heh), then had to park outside, retrieve zapper, move van to parking lot, and then and only then go home and make tea. Phew.

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