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Urgh. Went over to Uxbridge to pick up a cupboard for the new house and drop it into storage. I drove a VW Caddy van. This was not fun. The van was not designed for people over 6' tall. It didn't help that I'm used to an auto, and at least twice started it up and tried to put it into reverse without putting the clutch in. However, I didn't hit anyone or anything and we used less than £10 of fuel going to Uxbridge and back, so it had its good points, I guess.

The new house is progressing-- got back to find the contract had been posted to me on Sunday, so need to get that signed and witnessed (not sure how, with the two of us being apart most of the time). They need the deposit and first months rent 48 hours before the tenancy is due to start, the little gits. Wish I'd known that ahead of time-- I'd've insisted on moving the commencement forward! Looks like I might have to drop £2,000+ worth of deposit on my Visa card, yuk.

Have a prospective tenant coming over to see the (current) flat tonight, so had to have an express cleanup yesterday. Finally got round to binning all my university lecture notes-- don't know why I waited so long. And lots of other crap too. And there's still more crap to get through! Argh!

Oh, and decided I was going to be stressed for a while, so splashed out at Amazon for Star Wars books & comics (only one of each, though), "The Office" s.1 DVD and "Spaced" s.1 DVD. Rar :)


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