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hargh hargh hargh...

I finally invested in a power drill last night, because I got new number plates for the car because the old front one was cracked... had to drill holes in the new ones to fix them on, see I had a good reason...

In typical male archetype form, omg isn't a power drill fun :) This one can also be used as a power screwdriver, even better! Needless to say I spent a while wandering round the house to find things to screw and unscrew with it :) (mind out of the gutter!)

Anyway, I had to go into Halfords today to ask why the number plates were pink. Funky as pink and pinkish-yellow numbers plates look, they aren't road legal. You have to peel off the protective film. How embarassing. But that's what you get for changing them in the dark I guess :)

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