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OK, long gap again. Let's see. We went to Infest this past weekend, which was pretty fun. Bradford isn't as nice as Whitby, but the event itself is a good deal better, so it evens out. We stayed in a little guest house in a leafy enclave fairly near campus, so it wasn't as long a trek back home as it was to the Midland last time.

After some accidental diversions getting to Brent Cross Tesco's (navigating in London, fun fun fun), we managed to get going and not too many problems once we were on the way. Traffic a bit heavy on the A1 but hey, it was a bank holiday and it was nowhere near as bad as the traffic getting to Whitby up the M1 was a year ago!

Don't remember much of the bands on Friday-- Istr liking Psyche despite never having heard their stuff before, so not all bad.

Went CD shopping on Saturday, very naughty :| Did get the new Neuroticfish album, along with other things such as And One--Nordhausen that I'd had no luck finding in shops up to now, so getting them via MNS' cheapy-bulk-German-import scheme worked out.

Saturday bands. Um, a big blank here really. I remember Sonar were utterly and profoundly boring, Funker Vogt mildly entertaining-- until the novelty of the one song wore off, and if I want to see wild antics on stage, I go for a different genre. (Go see pitchshifter live, go on...)

On Sunday we decided to skip making a second tour of the stalls etc., so buzzed off to Skipton to have a wander about there and go round the castle-- which I couldn't remember in detail, despite it being less than 20 miles from where I grew up... good to revisit. I'm coming to believe that having a car has its handy times :)

Returned to the guest house, unfortunately crashed for too long and ended up missing Welle: Erdball, who I'd thought sounded interesting. Typically, we miss them and everyone raves about them. Such is life.

Hmm, Istr Noisex after that-- not my thing again. Mesh were cool-- not particularly exciting, no, but at least he can sing live, which elevates them far beyond the live performance of, say, VNV Nation. And the songs are better.

Returned via London. Car decided to have an overheating spell and drink some coolant. Since coming back, I've put in about 2.5 litres of coolant. This may actually be a good thing-- it's supposed to hold 10 litres, but when I replaced the coolant and cleaned the expansion tank, it didn't take 10 litres to fil it up! I've been meaning to change it again on the grounds that it's airlocked, but it seems that it's sorting itself out now and pushing the air into the expansion tank. Wierd. Maybe having some of the water converted to steam unblocked something? (In which case, it'll need flushing, argh).

Oh, and I went in to ATS to get the wheels balanced because the steering wheel juddered when I braked at 50 or over. Turns out the front brake pads were cooked and had scored the brake discs. Double oops. So got them replaced (expensively), but at least it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart when you put the brakes on. This is why it'll take a long time to convince me about the car :)

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