November 4th, 2008

on and on

Last two weeks... hmm. I went to the Calling a couple of weeks ago. The place hasn't changed very much, has it? Met various old faces while there... certain others were muttering about turning up tomorrow as well? (pix:

That weekend (anything in between was work and not worth commmenting on) I went out to Vagabonds on Saturday, which was indeed quite a bit better for being able to drink while there :) Good time had by all, except for that damn bus journey... (pix:

On Sunday, I had a proper hangover for the first time in quite a while... :(

On Tuesday I went back up to Cambridge (getting all my nostalgia done and dusted in one burst here) for Wake Up Screaming. Am I getting old? Maybe the Halloween Party Special wasn't such a good plan after all. (pix:

For the next few days I had Aces High-induced neck/shoulder ache.

The next Saturday I went to see Infected Mushroom at the IndigO2. Which I actually quite enjoyed, although everyone else was almost definitely more drugged up than me. I thought that the live performance was pretty cool, although I got the impression the raver kids in the audience didn't appreciate it so much. Fun though. Got back home at 8.30am, just like being at Slimelight... (pix:

Today I was working on my workflow engine from a couple of years ago, generally swearing at the lack of documentation arouund JMS, JCA, XA and JBoss' implementation of same, and having a more interesting work day than I've had for a long time!