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October 2nd, 2008

winding down...

Today I went on the last training run (3 miles steady) before the half-marathon on Sunday. So the next couple of days are going to be extra anxious with no outlet for excess energy. And since I'm flying out to India on Sunday night, I'll be spending Saturday trying to pack and calm myself for the race in the morning at the same time, likely story.

The race is on Sunday morning at the O2 centre if anyone feels like coming along to point and laugh provide support. There's a course map on gmap-pedometer. Although it looks like they're predicting rain on Sunday, but what do they know?

I set myself a target of 2 hours when I got the training schedule. I've been able to keep up with the schedule pretty well (bar light injuries, triathlons and drama-related can't-be-arsedness) so now I'm beginning to wonder if that wasn't aggressive enough. Hmm, not a good time to start fiddling with the targets now.

I received my London Marathon rejection pack this morning. (Letter + magazine + fleece). So that plan's out the window for next spring, need to see about an alternative. I could do the Reading half, somewhere nice and familiar; or maybe get adventurous and go abroad, combine it with a bit of a holiday? For example, the Prague Half is at the end of March... Hmm-hmmm...

And off to Bangalore for two weeks starting next week. I am utterly utterly unenthused. Not sure if this is really a reaction to the trip itself or just general work-related depression and disassociation. Probably a combination of both. Hopefully I'll manage to do more than just stare at the inside of offices and hotel rooms while I'm out there... to facilitate this, I've bought a new toy invested in an upgraded camera to replace my aging FinePix A203: a Canon PowerShot G9, which is a kind of half-way house between a compact and a DSLR--- more tweakable (and bulkier) than a normal compact, but not so extensible (or bulky, or expensive) as an SLR. I've been experimenting with it a little: the results are up on Flickr--- with which I'm actually quite impressed now that I've used it. So now I can put photos on Flickr, Facebook, Scrapbook and Myspace. I'll have to devise a system...

A week after I get back, I'm heading to a friend's birthday/out-of-hospital drinkup at the Fox and possible outing to Decadence after. I've been invited to "bring a gang", so if anyone feels like maybe heading there before Vagabonds, or even giving up Vagabonds for a night more metal...?

And then the week after that it's Infected Mushroom at the Indiglo. Music taste swings like mood swings :)



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