September 18th, 2008

outings, contd

Some weekends just don't go to plan. I did indeed go to Reptile on Saturday night, and it was actually a pretty good night--- Killing Joke, Ministry, Tool, QotSA, DM... a fair mix, notably lacking *bwoop* *bwoop* *bwoop*. Which is probably how I let myself get talked into going on to Slimelight afterwards (idiot, idiot, idiot), which led to the next day in fact being a complete write-off. Feel stupid for having paid to enter the duathlon now.

I'm back at work, and it's just depressing. Amongst other things, I'm battling with the visa process to go to Bangalore 5th October to 18th October. I am completely and utterly unenthusiastic about going.

Planning on going to Synthesizer this Friday (hoping that having something that looks like a social life if you squint will distract me from everything else); everyone else in the world seems to be going to Wrecked on Saturday, so no idea what to do then...

I've ordered a ticket for Infected Mushroom at the start of November though: that should be... interesting. I love IM's stuff, so I won't be completely out of place, but it seems likely to be very different to nights out that I'm used to going to. Maybe, maybe not. Won't find out by not going, though.
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