August 13th, 2008


I'm recovering from the weekend. Kind of. Yesterday I got rained on cycling home; the stinging nettles next to the towpath seem to have been growing a lot recently, so I came home covered in wet sand and with my arms feeling like the skin was being boiled off. Rob suggested that the Romans thought that stinging nettles were good for you: but then they thouight that about vomiting and buggery too.

Today I swam 1500m in the pool, just. And since then feel like I've eaten about 5000 calories worth of food to try and recover. The latest instalment being king prawns and mushrooms in rogan josh sauce, schlurp. Hopefully after all this I'll be able to get some actual sleep tonight. The training menu for tomorrow says 6 miles easy running... "easy" sounds good to me.
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