August 7th, 2008

another update

I don't intentionally mean to only update every couple of months, it just keeps ending up that way.

Well, recently I've been trying to balance work and training at the same time... what's new? I've been learning a new version control system called GIT, which I've come to really like, and today I gave a TechBytes talk about it to some of the other devs here. We've been having Perforce issues recently so it was good timing: I pointed out that having a verifiable object store and not requiring a central single point of failure could be pretty handy.

Unfortunately the training for the last couple of weeks has been kind of off-and-on. I did go to some open water swimming session a couple of weeks ago: that's the first time I've been swimming outside a swimming pool in years and years! So I've at least swum in a wetsuit once (it's nice once you're in the water) and I'm feeling somewhat more confident about the race.

Speaking of which, is anyone interested in coming along to watch/cheer on/commiserate? It's at ExCeL (the finish line is actually inside the exhibition hall), and I'll be there on Saturday to check my bike in, and actually racing on Sunday. Fortunately I'm racing at the civilised time of 1pm: Rob at work has got the very uncivilised time of 6am, although he is getting to go on the scenic route up to Westminster, rubbing shoulders with the elites... Anyway, I'd be all done by mid-late afternoon, although I'd have to face up to getting the bike home at some point eventually.

Once that's out of the way, August should be a bit quiet; I'm planning on taking a couple of weeks off (finally!) at the start of September. Might take the bike up to my parents' and have a ride around there. Didn't I say that last time? And then work are muttering about me heading out to the Bangalore office for a week or so in late September, which could be ... interesting. Or just lots of sitting in a hotel room. But hopefully not. And just the other day I got a note reminding me that the half-marathon is in eight weeks: fun and games!