May 18th, 2008

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So, after all the fun with the car, now fun with the bike. Finally changed the brake pads today (I was going to do this quite a few months back, but determined that the pads just needed the mud shaking off rather than replacing), and managed to somehow break the adjuster on the front caliper outer side. And the cover has come off the adjuster on the rear caliper outer side. So not a good showing (although the brakes do still work; although I think the pads need a while to bed in). So add new brakes to the shopping list for some point soon (they've already been on the wishlist, kind of); but probably following getting a new saddle, because the rails seem to be buggered after the fall, and the saddle sags to the right after a couple of rides. While I'm at it, the handlebar grips are coming loose. And the covers come off the bottom of the rear shifter. And the fork's a bit basic. Sorry, what is this "rent" you talk about, Mr. Landlord? Is it like that "food" stuff people bang on about?

In other mixed news: I did manage to get into the wetsuit today (anyone spectating through our upstairs window got their own punishment imho). Typically, despite having cut my nails etc beforehand, I still somehow managed to put a cut into the outer on the thigh. So, neoprene adhesive up the shopping list too. Still, good to know I can get into the thing, although not without an assistant to do the zip up at the moment! Spray-on baby oil helps as a lubricant for this (the spray-on stuff is water-based). Simply putting the suit on is a flexibility workout, not to mention an exercise in patience.
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