May 17th, 2008


Almost a grand's worth of repairs needed to get the car through MOT! And even then it would appear to have an oil leak we haven't tracked down yet... argh!

Deep cut in one of the tyres... fair enough. Suspension bushes going... that happens. Handbrake not activating... seems to be endemic to all automatics! (based on my comprehensive sample of owning two) Brake discs pitted... just one of the many ways in which heavy cars get expensive. Fuel filter needs replacing... hmm, should probably have had this done last year anyway.

Exhaust manifold gasket wasn't actually fixed in and was floating around under the bonnet... wtf?!

The garage that last serviced & MOT'd the car has gone out of business. Either the new guys are more thorough, or just better at finding things that are wrong to charge me for :|

So... no expensive last minute trip abroad for me this year! Not that I was planning to anyway. But if I'm going to have a working car, might take the bike up to my parents' and explore some trails around there, maybe try the Mary-Towneley-Loop-in-one-day challenge.
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